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RULES: (Sorry but there have to be a few)

(1) This is for anybody interested in becoming a BPA or that already is one or thier spouses/family members and as such is open to all discussions related to it.

(2) Please do not come here to Flame, Talk down, or in anyway abuse the BP or the agents and persons wanting to become agents. Doing so will first result in a warning followed by a Ban from the site.

(3) and Final... Enjoy yourself and the others that come here but have respect for Ray and those that make places like this available to those that want/need info and guidance.. It should be available 24/7 though there won't always be somebody here. Hang out for a few minutes if nobody is there, you never know when somebody else will drop in.

There that wasn't so bad was it....now on to the chat room...just remember by entering it you agree to our little list of rules.

USBP Hiring board/spouses chat


to get your name registered or to register as an Agent please email Velbar with your chat name and if you are an agent your current Sector/Station.

Please note that the files below are NOT official USBP files and were not created by an agent but from a trainee's vocab list.
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